Setting History

Over three hundred years ago the world was ravaged by undiscovered monsters. They arrived as a black flood where civilization gathered, followed by immense dark shapes in the sky. Nations were quick to ally against a common enemy, but neither blade nor arrow nor magic saved a single city.

As the last walls fell the dwarven clans saw a chance to persevere, and began the great work and evacuation. All of the people of their allies were brought underground.

Today the survivors and their descendants are safe within their settlements if not thriving. Only bold trade caravans and brave Outriders venture beyond.


Dwarves & Gnomes
Dwarves alongside Gnomes are seen as the saviors of the Undrgrin. Dwarves having long mastered the crafts of tunnels and subterranean cities, and Gnomish magic and engineering combined to create all of the Undrgrin. It is said that great seals and wards protect each settlement, and the paths to the surface.

While all enjoy a respected status, the most influential are those of the noble three Dwarven Clans, and the Gnomish First Family.



Dragonborn & Tiefling
In this setting the draconic and demonic traits of these races are much less present. They are about of strange as half-elves and half-orcs.


  • To the north a nation of elves have also survived underground.
  • Some survivors have taken to the sea in fleets of anything that could float.
  • In a far off land the richest pirates have survived in fantastic flying ships.
  • There are paths to the surface and further below, but none who brave them ever return.


Setting History

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